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Our ongoing goal is to provide the means for survival and recovery for individuals who desperately want to escape the misery of addiction.

Licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Community Affairs as a
"Cooperative Sober Living Residence"

Steven James Schmincke
07/04/89 - 3/26/16

Steven passed from a heroin overdose


MAT Housing is Available!

Medication-assisted Treatment Homes
In Atlantic County, NJ

We are accepting applications for men and women!
If you are in need, please reach out to us.
We will be offering the same outstanding services
that we have in all of our homes.

Recovery Is a Journey

You Don't Have To Travel Alone

Addiction is not something that you can quit overnight. It takes the highest levels of strength and restraint over a long period of time. If you have completed or are currently enrolled in an addiction rehabilitation program, Stop the Heroin Recovery Homes is your next step. We facilitate sober living homes in Atlantic and Ocean Counties. Financial assistance may also be available to qualifying applicants.
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Recovery Houses Can Help You Stay Clean

Transition Into a Sober Lifestyle

Beating the Odds Is Easier With Support

Recovering Addicts Who Live In Sober Houses Have A 50% Higher Recovery Rate


Give Yourself The Best Possible Odds

A John Hopkins study revealed that 90% of addicts across the country eventually relapse. Meanwhile, out of those who used recovery homes, 50% of them stay clean after six months. In our almost 5 years since establishment, we’ve opened six recovery homes and funded the entry of recovery addicts into hundreds of homes across the country.

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A Sober House Can Be A Safe Haven

Once you have left treatment, it can be difficult to get back on your feet. So many have already burned bridges and are unable to find support from family and friends. They have nowhere to turn and feel completely alone. This could result in falling back into the same dangerous habits and social circles. To prevent this occurrence, it is the goal of Stop the Heroin to provide financial assistance to qualifying applicants to enter into a recovery home.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Is To Facilitate A Transition Into A Sober Living Facility For Recovering Individuals.
Plus, We Aim To Promote Education And Awareness Of The Addiction Epidemic Through Community Interaction And Events.

Through our program, we hope to:

  • Raise money to help people get into recovery homes across the country
  • Provide our own recovery houses to help former addicts get back on their feet
  • Encourage former addicts to get sponsors, join programs and get jobs

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COVID-19 Update

We know this is an especially difficult time for everyone. Please feel free to reach out if you need any guidance or assistance.
We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!